Fantasy Squirrel

Hey I'm Forrest and this is a diary comic about an english grad student who cannot draw.

Beam Me Up!

I LOVE STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION, and I wish Geordi was my friend

DJ Lukz

DJ LUKZ in da house!

Luke was all complaining that he has not been in a comic yet, so here is one for that Bastard. All Bowie All Cash ALL THE TIME

Kool Kris PA

Been super busy writing papers. Thought I would throw up a sketch of the new kool bro on the block. He wears Cargo shorts and smokes Camel Crushes

Bro out

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween. This was to be my entry into @ryanpequin ‘s pigeon with tits contest, but I was lazy and did not sketch it till thursday.

I would wear that costume everyday

Moving into new apartment and really tired. so tired

Ben and Kat Go to a Party

Last part of the Ben and Kat epic for now. Drew it yesterday with the baking comic but decided to post it today. After finishing it I realized that the cat in baby-carrier has already been done by (example here), but oh well I think its still funny. How else are you suppose to take your cat to a party?

Ben and Kat Bake

Click for slightly larger image 

Here is a quick sketch I did today when I was bored. This is how I like to imagine Ben and Kat’s relationship. They like to bake and I love them both. Now off to class

DJ Triple D

Greensboro’s #1 Food rapper. #8 food raper